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“When you are born, you look like your parents, but when you die, you WILL look like your decisions…”

ASTUTE, POWERFUL, PROLIFIC, DOMINANT are a few words that the world uses to describe Amere May Sr., but the words that he most wants to be known by are husband, father, son, brother, and friend.

Bishop May is a true end-time preacher, who is a highly sought-after prophet of God sent into regions and nations to affect a paradigm shift in the spirit and minds of the people of God. His charismatic style and gentle size have captivated many of his audiences and his life experiences have nurtured his unique call to the ministry of reconciliation.  He has been commissioned globally to body of Christ.

Amere J. May Sr. was born the eldest son of Walter Simpson and Christine Cunningham-Simpson.  Taller and more athletic than most, Amere got hooked on basketball early in childhood. Being raised in South Haven, MI, his passion for the sport led him to garner national attention as one of the top high school basketball players in the country. After graduating high school, he accepted an athletic scholarship to Central Michigan and Shaw University where he continued to pursue his love of basketball.  This led him to be able to participate in the 1997 NBA draft and later play overseas in the countries of Israel and Argentina.  It was during this season that he realized that God had another calling on his life, one that would impact an entire nation.  Bishop May returned home, acknowledged and accepted his call to the ministry, under the tutelage of his grandfather, the late Bishop Fred. L. Cunningham.  During this time, he united in holy matrimony to his childhood sweetheart, Kenya L. May of Chicago, Illinois. In September 2020, they will celebrate 25 years of marriage.  Bishop May is the proud father of four children: Amere Jr., Teaya, Armani, and Precious, as well as the grandfather of seven grandchildren.

For many years, Bishop May has helped people realize their purpose through his ministry. He serves in many capacities within the body of Christ and his prophetic mantle has allowed him to minister to many spiritual giants within the body of Christ. He has been duly consecrated in Apostolic succession, a Prophet in the Lord's church and serves as the Senior Pastor of Abundant Faith Worship Center in Charlotte, North Carolina a Pentecostal multicultural church.  

In 2016, Bishop May founded ReVamp Covenant Churches and Ministries (RCCM), a non-denominational organization that includes many diverse ministries. It is his desire to strengthen individual Pastors across the world with care and compassion to address the significant personal deficits of building and sustaining a church and the membership.

Bishop May also invests in communities through the “a S.O.U.L Trained” initiative which is a nonprofit community service organization that seeks to identify people who are going through a turbulent transition and offer a positive support system to avoid the potential pitfalls that can derail their lives. The primary focus is to empower and make positive changes in each person’s life while obtaining stability and happiness.  

His life of integrity and authentic gifting has caused many great men and women of God to seek after him across the nation. His calling has enabled him to be featured on multiple Christian TV networks, such as the worldwide T.C.T., The Word, and Detroit’s Impact.  He has also penned a collection books, including “Overcoming Frustration” which has blessed many across this country and his new book release, "Forgive your Fathers".

Bishop May has honed his distinct ability to transcend tradition in his delivery of the gospel in order to reach diverse people backgrounds, cultures, and denominations. Wherever God takes him in the future, he is determined to be used by God to lead, guide and serve the kingdom with humility, passion and power. 


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